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The Right Workplace platform makes it easy for companies to build and maintain a healthy and effective culture. Our periodic assessment survey is brief, pointed and effective. We provide leaders with a simple process to analyze and act on results, helping companies and teams of all sizes to build a smarter culture over time. It's not about perks, benefits and cool looking offices. It's about building an environment where everyone has a voice, where leaders can be respected and trusted, and where team members have each other's best interests at heart. Get started with your first company survey today see how easy it can be to do the Right thing.


4 pointed questions.
A simple pass/fail standard.
Culture evaluation simplified.
Typically taken quarterly.


Immediate results.
Organize findings into themes.
Utilize action planning tools.
Available leadership training.


Objective, measurable process.
No-nonsense approach to culture.
Adopt for team, department or for your entire company.


FIND OUT WITH quarterly checkpoints

It's simple: Employees evaluate your workplace on a 1-5 scale relative to 4 pointed statements. When a statement is scored 1-3 that means something is wrong. When a statement is scored 4 or 5, that means your workplace is right. The Right Workplace model is designed to be run quarterly. The process is quick and simple, so it's easy to integrate into your operations.  It gives team members a voice, and you a consistent way to measure your culture while soliciting great ideas to drive improvement. It's not about perks, it's about making your workplace right.

We guide you through our simple survey execution process.  From the initial communication to the analysis of results, we make assessing your workplace easy and intuitive.

When employees rate an area 1-3 the response counts as a fail.  Conversely, when employees rate an area 4 or 5 the response counts as a pass.  Score 75% overall to pass in each area!

about us

a fresh take on culture

Right Workplace was founded to provide organizations of all sizes with a simple and effective way to evaluate their culture. Our process starts with a simple anonymous survey followed by a unique feedback analysis process. It's not a traditional workplace award, it's a way to build a great listening culture. Our process can be run in organizations of any size, and can be complimented with available training and consulting products. Any company can pursue and achieve a ‘Right Workplace’ certification if leaders are willing to put in the work!

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