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Right Workplace was founded to provide small businesses with a simple and effective way to evaluate their culture. Our process starts with a simple anonymous survey followed by a unique feedback analysis process. It's not a traditional workplace award, it's a way to build a great listening culture.

When companies score 75% or more in all questions, they are certified as a Right Workplace for one year and can use our certification mark on their website and recruiting materials.  It’s a great way to communicate to candidates that you are an employer of choice where innovation matters. For leaders, it becomes easy to see where opportunities exist since results can be broken down by team and department as well.

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General benefits

simple. clear. easy.

The benefits to a better culture are obvious: Lower turnover, higher engagement, happier customers, etc. But Right Workplace offers you a clear and simple way to achieve those outcomes without an inordinate amount of time and effort.  The benefits for Right Workplace company participants can be summarized fairly easily:

continued growth

Measure quarterly.
Hold leaders accountable.
Take action when needed.

statement of care

Welcome feedback.
Evaluate the brutal facts.
Show you listen!

spark new ideas

Collect new ideas.
Enhance your culture.
Improve your business!

attract talent

Promote your culture.
Attract the 'Right' people. 
Keep your team engaged.

Team members can take the Right Workplace survey from any device. The process is simple and quick.  We don’t need to ask 100 questions to help you figure out where opportunities lie within your culture. We stand behind a simple and proven approach that breaks culture down into our three core questions. For team members that means a few clicks and one narrative response is all they need to submit to help their culture improve!

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