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Do you feel like you've got a good organization, but something's missing? Are you having culture issues but having difficulty getting the feedback necessary to make a change? Is turnover high and you don't know why? Complicated surveys are not the answer. Inaction is not the answer either. Right Workplace provides business leaders with a simple, effective and easy to understand methodology to measure and improve culture. It's an easy way to hold leaders accountable while giving team members a clear voice. Finally, a way to set your company apart and show potential employees that your organization is the type of place they WANT to work.

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General benefits

simple. clear. easy.

The benefits to a better culture are obvious: Lower turnover, higher engagement, happier customers, etc. But Right Workplace offers you a clear and simple way to achieve those outcomes without an inordinate amount of time and effort.  The benefits for Right Workplace company participants can be summarized fairly easily:

01. Gain Insight

Simple measures to keep your leaders and team members engaged.

02. Show You Care

Welcome feedback. Evaluate the brutal facts holding your teams back!

03. Spark Ideas

Build a great listening culture where the best ideas always win.

04. Attract Talent

Build a brand-able culture where talented people are truly heard.

our clients

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Project Manager

"John was a pleasure to work with. Our team gained a significant amount of value and insight to making our work environment the "Right Workplace." The presentation and overall message was phenomenal and I highly recommend the program." 


"The Right Workplace initiative resulted in a big difference in our culture right away, and our team continues to reap ongoing benefits.  The program model is simple, yet powerful and ... It’s a very affordable, high-impact program that delivers an excellent return on investment" 


"John is smart, reaches his goals, inspires others, communicates at the highest level, plans, executes and follows through. He's the kind of team member you want on your team to bring stability, balance and confidence ... John moves the business ahead" 

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simple. clear. easy.

“Achieving a Right Workplace Certification can be a rallying point and source of pride for team members. We implemented the same process at CARite and saw superb results in just 6 months. As of Q1 2015, our employee satisfaction had risen above 90%! We communicate our certification status to all recruits and it helps us articulate how our culture rewards and attracts people who like to innovate and share new ideas.”